Post Award Contract Analytics

The solution is here!  Curvo makes it easy to track contract savings and contract rebates earned.

Upload your contract with products, pricing, tiers, and rebate requirements, then let Curvo do the hard work of matching everything you buy from that contract month after month.  Our dashboards are custom-tuned to your contracts so the visuals tell you what you need to know.  

You'll change the way you manage your contract spend forever!

  • Celebrate realized savings and deal with missed savings
  • Share contract spend with executives, physicians, and vendors
  • Shorten future contracting cycles

It really is that easy.

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Monitor Realized Savings

You had an idea of what you'd save when you did this contract, but what did you achieve?  Brag on yourself and show what you did without any extra work.

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Track Rebates Earned

Every rebate is different.  Don't rely on the vendors to tell you what you've earned.  Keep track monthly and maximize your rebate with demand planning.

“When you showed us your platform, it was like you were reading our minds - this is exactly what we need!”

Supply Chain Sourcing Manager- California